Hello, readers! I’m Patrick Goldman. While I’m not a financial planner and don’t offer financial advice, I’m an ardent investor with a zest for diving deep into the world of precious metals and sharing what I discover. My journey in investing has been exhilarating, and I firmly believe in empowering others with knowledge. Through my writings, I aim to share insights, trends, and personal experiences, hoping to spark curiosity and informed decision-making among my readers.

Outside the blog, life is an adventurous whirlwind! Whether I’m trekking in the Rockies, trying out a new sushi joint in town, or engrossed in a riveting historical fiction, I’m always on the move. Weekends often find me volunteering at the local animal shelter or experimenting with gourmet recipes. Life, just like investing, is about savoring experiences and constantly learning. Join me on this exciting journey, both in the realm of precious metals and beyond!